About Tracey Bell

Tracey Bell has a keen interest in all things property and business generally.   She has been actively involved in property investing since 2004 and joined RESULTS as a participant in 2011.  It was at that time that she really got serious about her investing – completing in excess of $2M in property deals in that year alone.  The different property investment strategies she’s used include purchasing positive cash flow, renovations, subdivision, strata-subdivision, flips and unit developments.
Tracey is married with two school-aged children and juggles her property investing with being a mum, working part-time for an agricultural company and studying a Masters in Business.  In 2010 her passion about all things property brought her down the path to lead the Tasmania property meetings.  Her involvement is underpinned by her enthusiasm to share information with others who are working to achieve financial freedom through property investments.

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  1. Biggsuffa on said:

    Hi Tracey,

    I am moving to Tassie from WA in a week and am wondering when you are having your next meeting. I am a pretty keen property investor and would love to meet people who are far more familiar with the Tassie market than I am.

    Marcus Svedin

    • Tracey Bell on said:

      Hi Marcus, I have just posted details of our February meeting. Which part of Tasmania have you moved to?

  2. msvedin on said:

    Hi Tracy,

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. My family and I have moved to the Burnie area. Sorry I missed the Feb meeting but I will be at the March meeting in Latrobe for sure.

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