About Us

The PropertyMeeting.com.au website is run by PropertyMeeting.com.au Pty Ltd (ACN 145 900 134), an Australian based company.

PropertyMeeting.com.au Pty Ltd was created by property investors to provide opportunities for like-minded investors to get together and learn from each other, share ideas and exchange contacts in a relaxed social environment.

The PropertyMeeting.com.au website is designed to provide property investors with information about networking opportunities in their local area. The meetings promoted through the website are run by local experienced property investors with a passion for supporting others.

PropertyMeeting.com.au facilitates communication about when and where such meetings are held, but does not arrange or manage the meetings. The meetings are organised by private individuals who are not employed by PropertyMeeting.com.au Pty Ltd. PropertyMeeting.com.au Pty Ltd is unable to control the contents of and information provided at any such meetings.

Hence, PropertyMeeting.com.au Pty Ltd does not accept any responsibility for the contents nor does it specifically endorse those contents. PropertyMeeting.com.au Pty Ltd in no way warrants the quality, validity or relevance of that content. Users attend any such meetings and use or rely on any information presented at such meetings entirely at their own risk.

PropertyMeeting.com.au Pty Ltd is not responsible for any charges imposed by the meeting organiser nor for processing payments for attendance at such meetings.

PropertyMeeting.com.au Pty Ltd does not hold an Australian Financial Services licence and does not intend to provide financial advice. This precludes PropertyMeeting.com.au Pty Ltd from recommending specific financial products, specific investments or attempting to sell you financial products. We’ll never attempt to sell you a property.

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