Monday 22nd April – Negotiating and Sales Success Secrets!


Two keys to success in Property Investing are how to sell and how to negotiate.
These skills are useful not only in investing but also in many facets in life.

In fact, we “sell” every day – even if we are not in a direct “sales” role, we need to convince others of our ideas, we need to talk our kids or our partners into coming on board with our suggestions, and in the workplace, we need to sell our ideas to our boss, our colleagues, or our clients.

In Property Investing, selling is even more important. You cannot buy a good deal if you cannot sell yourself (or your price) to the vendor or agent. And you cannot make the highest return if you cannot sell your property for the best price at the end.

To get the best returns, you need to sell yourself to your property managers, your builders, your tenants, your financiers, and your whole team.

This month, we have a slightly different format for our meeting:


Part One of this event will be a benchmark sales and motivation training video that has sold over 50,000 copies and has been hailed as the best-selling film of its type. This video led to revolutionary changes in Australian sport. If you were to buy this video you would pay $450! And you can see it on the night as part of our meeting.

For Part Two of the evening, Mark Kelman will lead a session on successful negotiating techniques, revealing how he has repeatedly negotiated 10% to 20% plus off the list price of property, including a discount of $122,000 on a recent purchase, as profiled in April’s “Your Investment Property” magazine.

Learn the skills involved in:
– Negotiating under market value
– Tracking the negotiation process and knowing when “the close” is coming
– Discovering if the vendor is willing to discount further
– Knowing what price to start your offer at
– How to close the sale for the highest chance of acceptance
and much more


Don’t miss the chance to improve your sales skills, or discover some of the secrets and techniques to becoming a gun negotiator. Just one technique could make you $100K on your next deal.

Please join us on Monday 22nd April at 7.30 pm in the Macquarie Room at Parramatta RSL, cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Streets, to hear our amazing speakers. Remember, you are always welcome to bring along friends or relatives who are interested in property investing – it is all about networking with like-minded people!
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Book online here now – discounted singles and couples tickets, or buy tickets at the door for $25 per person.

Location Parramatta RSL - Macquarie Room, cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Sts, Parramatta. Free parking opposite the club in covered car park.
Map Click here for map
Date 22/04/2013
Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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