Tues 9th July – Show me the money! Insider secrets on how to finance your residential development deal!

There are many different ways to finance a residential development.  Your choice will vary depending on your experience, risk tolerance, available cash/equity, the nature of your project and personal preference to name but a few. You may choose differently for different projects.  It can be difficult to know which path is right for you if you haven’t even heard of or don’t really understand the options available.

This month we will demystify the process of financing residential development by hosting experts in the different types of finance on offer and asking them to clearly explain everything we need to know such as:
How much cash do we need?
Is serviceability still important?
Do we need a commercial loan, or can we use residential?
What are the costs and interest rates?
Is experience important?

Our speakers will be:
Danny Mele of Mele Finance Services. Danny has over 30 years experience in lending and finance, the last 18 years of this as director of his own business in finance and mortgage broking.  Danny will be speaking about residential loans and how they can be applied to residential development.

Warren Bund of Warren Bund Financial Services.  Warren has 33 years experience in property finance; property development; property consulting and project and property management.
Warren will speak on commercial lending for residential property development.

Max Bratton of Tidswell Financial Services.  Max also has over 30 years experience in banking, finance and lending, and has held the position of mortgage manager at Tidswell
Financial Services for the past 12 years.  Tidswell is a financial services organisation independent of banking and other financial institution control.  They offer financial advice and access to various managed funds and investments for their clients.  To support the mortgage investment products they offer their clients, Tidswell may lend directly to private developers.  Max will be talking about how this private lending for residential development works as offered by his company.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn and ask questions about the lesser known options for financing a deal.

Location 207 Frome Road (cnr Wakefield St) Adelaide CBD. Century 21 office. Please ring the doorbell on arrival at 207 Frome Rd. Parking is available in the rear undercover car park or on adjacent streets.
Map Click here for map
Date 09/07/2013
Time 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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