Tues 10th Sep – Profits and Pitfalls of Long Distance Investing. And a reno “Real Deal” from one of our members!!

The Profits and Pitfalls of Investing Long Distance.
Long distance investing sounds good – the returns can be better than where you live, but there are risks and other pitfalls.  This month’s speaker is experienced local property investor Margaret Wilson.   Margaret has been investing in Australia for many years, but is now seeking opportunities abroad.  Lessons learned in long distance investing in Australia have helped her reduce the mistakes abroad.
Recently returned from one of her many trips to the States, come and hear the good, the bad and the ugly about Margaret’s journey into investing in USA. This amazing lady’s no nonsense, warm and genuine approach to life and investing will give you an opportunity to broaden your investment horizons and open your mind to greater possibilities.

Our “Real Deal” presenter for this month is Jarrod Egan who will speak about his recently completed unit reno deal.
Jarrod has been working in professional sport since he finished studying sport science at the University of Ballarat. He has always loved sport and would have liked to compete professionally but found a way to do the next best thing. He became a Coach and have worked at 4 AFL Teams, Celtic FC, British Tennis and SACA. He still enjoys working in Sport but he has also been a property investor since 2002 when he bought his first property- A 3BR house in Geelong that he kept as  a Buy and Hold  with neutral cashflow for 7 years and then sold for profit. In 2004 he bought his second property, a cashflow positive rental in Broken Hill which he still owns.
After a 5 year break from property investing during which time he travelled around the UK with work and met his wife Kelly, he moved to Adelaide and bought a House in Glenelg South which they renovated and sold early this year. He joined the Results Mentoring program last year and this spurred him back into investing with purpose and a clear direction. He decided that unit renovations would be the way to go for him due to his financial position (low cash savings/equity). He met some local investors who have also been doing unit renovations and picked their brains as well as his Mentor Simon Buckingham from Results Mentoring and finally purchased his first deal in April this year. They successfully completed a reno for profit and are now looking for project number 2!

Jarrod sees property investing as a way of life that he would like to do full time as it allows him the flexibility to choose where he wants to live and when he wants to work. Professional Sport is the opposite of this!

Come along and hear Jarrod speak about his successful renovation!

Location 207 Frome Road (cnr Wakefield St) Adelaide CBD. Century 21 office. Please ring the doorbell on arrival at 207 Frome Rd. Parking is available on adjacent streets.
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Date 10/09/2013
Time 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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