Wed 26 Feb – Get it CODED! The lay mans guide to getting your project certified.

When you wander around open for inspections on a Saturday morning you’ll often hear people asking ‘is it coded’ or the Real Estate Agent say ‘everything is to code’!

But what exactly does this mean??

All new builds, developments and renovations in the Northern Territory are governed by the Building Act, Regulations and the Building Code of Australia. It is the role of private building certifiers to check that any construction is compliant with these regulations and codes….. essentially that your property is safe to be lived in.

Navigating your way around the Building Code, interpreting the legislation and correctly applying the regulations to your project can pose a challenge even for the experienced investor.

This month’s guest speak is Carl Martin, Manager of Project Building Certifiers. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and has kindly agreed to come and share his wisdom.

He will not only tell you all you need to know to get the building certifiers to say CERTIFIED!!!! but also,

  • Help you develop a checklist of what to you NEED to think about when preparing for a building project,
  • Tips and tricks that assist the certifiers so you get your plans APPROVED and project CERTIFIED.
  • Answer any other questions about ensuring your project is TO CODE!!

Meredith Cowley, co-founder of the Darwin Property Meeting will also talk about some of her learnings from her recent 2 unit bedroom renovation in Darwin. It’s always helpful learning from those who have already been along the journey, so come and share your wisdom, learn something from another participant or have your knowledge confirmed and reinforced.

There will be lots of opportunity afterwards to network with other Darwin Property Investors. Maybe you will even find a new JV partner!!!!

The venue is the Community Room at Lia Finocchiaro’s (Member for Drysdale) office. Free tea and coffee provided.

Location Shop a3, 17 University Ave, Palmerston (next door to Repco)
Map Click here for map
Date 26/02/2014
Time 6 - 8pm

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