Wed 30th April – What’s your Purpose?

If there is one thing I have heard over and over from very successful people it is that; to be successful you need to have enough personal reasons to get going and keep at it especially when you hit the hard times, this is your “why” or your “purpose”. It is these reasons that will get you out of bed each day and drive you to become the success you want to become, without these emotional ties it is easy to make excuses. Well this month’s meeting will help you with defining your unique purpose (as we are all unique) and also provide you with an insight into tools that can be used to help you on your way.

The first speaker for the night will be Fleur Allen. Fleur is a highly entrepreneurial person who is a published author in the property world, was recently voted one of the 100 most influential people in WA, runs her own business (out of the box business), educates people in property and much more. Fleur will be talking about how to define your unique purpose and how to eliminate stress and ensure your success. Fleur will also be covering how to be an expert at using property experts, a must have skill for anyone that really wants to be successful in property investing.

The second speaker for the night will be Brendan Spicer from RP data. Brendan will be showing you how to use tools to enhance finding, understanding and evaluating potential deals. Just imagine the competitive advantage you would have in the market if you had access to the very same research tools and reports that the large developers, real estate agents, major banks and their valuers use when determining property values and yields. How confident would you be when crunching the numbers on your next deal! At this meeting Brendan will be demonstrating the tools available through RPdata and how they can add significant value to you.  You really need to see what this set of tools can do to first hand to appreciate how big the advantage can be and how much extra profit can be realised from your next deal.

For something different, here is a link to an inspiring and humorous video, it shows you that if you put your mind to something, just about anything is possible… ENJOY. Click here. (full disclosure, we have no affiliation with TMB 🙂 )

Come join us Wednesday 30th April 2013 at the South Perth Library, Cnr South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth, 6:00pm registration for 6:30pm start, finishes around 9:00. There is a $20 per head entry charge or $30 per couple (payable online or at the door) includes a property investing magazine! Please feel free to bring along friends and family.

Location South Perth Library, Cnr South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth
Map Click here for map
Date 30/04/2014
Time 6:00pm registration for a 6:30pm start, approximately 9:00pm finish

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