Mon 14th April – Buy-Reno-Rent-Subdivide-Build-Sell Lessons Learnt and How It’s Done


Ever wondered how to get started as a property developer and how to combine the skills of buying a good investment, renovating it, then doing a small subdivision and development, creating profit and success?


To be truly successful as a property investor, you start with smaller deals and move onto larger ones.


Developing allows you to effectively “buy” quality investments that will last for 10-20 years, at below market value.


Find out how it’s done. You could be doing the same thing in 12 months time – or even now!


Introducing this month’s speaker

Peter Cseh is fast-becoming an experienced Property Developer. While being new to investing, he has quickly caught on to the power and success achievable in renovation and development projects. In a short time he has created considerable profit from property developing. And he is achieving this while working full-time and travelling!


He is in his third year of one of Australia’s leading property investing mentoring programs, and prior to this has never invested before in real estate, except for building his primary place of residence (PPOR) about 13 years ago – and this was his first ‘deal’.


Outside of his investing, Peter is currently employed as a military C-130 pilot out at RAAF Base Richmond and has recently finished a tour as XO (executive officer) of 285SQN which is the squadron responsible for training all C-130 pilots, loadmasters and maintenance technicians, and has just commenced a new tour – and has literally just returned from the United States.


Peter has been in the RAAF for 16 years and prior to that he owned his own Pizza Haven Franchise in Mackay QLD which he did successfully for 4 years – at the time being the youngest franchisee in Australia.


He is also quickly becoming an experienced and successful Property Developer, and will provide insight and knowledge on how anyone can follow his lead, and start their developing journey TODAY.


At this month’s meeting we will cover:


  • How you find these deals, (hardest part of the whole project)
  • The projected numbers (profit) around the deal
  • How you go about managing the sub division and renovation process
  • The team you need to build, and how important they are in the success of the deal
  • Detailed costing’s – construction, renovation, sub division, compliance
  • Lessons Learnt
  • Two exciting projects that are currently in process
  • How you manage your time, to do a project like this when employed full time!

Come and meet Peter, and network with other investors who are currently buying, developing, renovating and selling in the property market today. Don’t miss this meeting!

Location Parramatta RSL - Macquarie Room, cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Sts, Parramatta. Free parking opposite the club in covered car park.
Map Click here for map
Date 14/04/2014
Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm

2 comments for Mon 14th April – Buy-Reno-Rent-Subdivide-Build-Sell Lessons Learnt and How It’s Done

  1. Bridgid Kilgour on said:

    Hi Mark
    I live in a regional area and therefore will have difficulty attending your events. They sound amazing, and right on cue for what I need. Is there any chance I can get a copy of the recording / materials / transcript?
    Thanks for understanding that people in regional areas often miss out.

    • Mark Kelman on said:

      Hi Bridgid, I’ve spoken to the speaker, and in this case, he can send you a copy of the slides. It’s never the same as being here in person and I encourage you to get to the meetings (I know that may be a challenge – investing is full of challenges!) The slides will tell part of the story, but listening to the speaker’s words and networking are two really important parts of the meeting that you can’t get remotely! Send me an email to and I will pass on your details.

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