Mon 26th May – Fourteen Properties in 12 months – Secrets to Building A Portfolio Fast

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Property investing is one of the areas where success can be measured by the size of your portfolio.


The bigger the portfolio an investor can build, the better their growth and the more income they can potentially pull in.


Anyone can build a large portfolio, with the right preparation and the right strategy.


However, only some investors successfully create large portfolios that produce great capital gains and good cashflow, while others struggle to buy one or two investments. Success doesn’t depend on having had a strong education or a job with high income. Investors who succeed do so by discovering the right knowledge, and then by taking the right action.


Because property investing utilises market growth, if an investor can create a sizeable portfolio of properties in the right area, and then hold this portfolio over the short to medium term, they can achieve significant capital gains. The secret to investing is how to grow a large portfolio when you start with limited cash and time, and how to maintain a portfolio and continue to grow over time.


Finding positive cashflow, low-market value properties is one of the secrets to building a strong portfolio – and you can in fact, find these deals in metropolitan cities – if you know what to look for!


Discover these secrets and you too can grow a large portfolio and achieve investing success.


About this month’s speaker:

Michael Lezaja is an experienced property investor who has built a positively geared, multi-million dollar property portfolio in the Sydney and Brisbane Metro areas.


In 2013 Michael purchased 14 properties in just 12 months, with his portfolio that year making a total equity of just under a million dollars.


He uses a variety of different strategies to achieve his success, including purchasing at low market value, renovating, dual occupancy and furnished letting.


In order to achieve this result, Michael has built relationships with a network of real estate agents across the Sydney Metro region and South East Queensland.
In tonight’s meeting we will cover:


  • The strategy behind growing a double-digit property portfolio in under 12 months.
  • Preparation you need before embarking on a property-investing-shopping spree!
  • The success mindset required for fast property portfolio growth
  • Numbers involved in fast-property acquisitions
  • The sort of properties that can be bought to grow a portfolio fast
  • Where to find investment properties from which you can make fast capital gains
  • Some of the traps around refinancing when grow a portfolio quickly
  • Case studies
  • And much more…


Don’t miss this meeting and the opportunity to hear Michael speak about his investing journey and the secrets to his success.


Come and network with other like-minded investors, and learn some of the secrets to help grow your multi-million dollar property portfolio.


Location Parramatta RSL - Macquarie Room, cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Sts, Parramatta. Free parking opposite the club in covered car park.
Map Click here for map
Date 26/05/2014
Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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