Tues 20th May – How to make faster profits plus Reno & Development Real Deals!!

If you want to get an ‘Unfair Advantage’ when it comes to your property investing then you simply must get along to this month’s meeting next Tuesday at the Veneto Club in Bulleen.

Brendan Kelly will be talking to us about a ‘brand new concept’ of creating significant wealth in a relatively short timeframe,


You’ll also hear from Melbourne property investor David Le Blanc who’ll take you through two very different deals he is currently doing: a townhouse development and a reno in New Zealand!

Make sure you don’t miss this month’s meeting!

We are very excited to welcome back Brendan Kelly from ResultsMentoring.com, to talk to the group about a refreshing new concept the team at Results have developed together with Australia’s leading independent property market analyst John Lindeman… A secret ‘property investing code’ for creating significant wealth in a relatively short timeframe.

Understanding the property investing code is what separates professional investors, who consistently make superior profits, from ‘hobby’ investors who never really get wealthy (or worse, actually lose money!) from investing in property.

This little known property investing code is a practical property investing system that most investors would love to know about.  Once understood, this system removes the guesswork from your investing which can make a dramatic difference to your property investing success!

Brendan has agreed to share with the group the secrets behind this incredible property investing code!

You’ll be inspired by Melbourne property investor David Le Blanc who’ll talk to us about two very different property deals he is currently undertaking: a townhouse development in a booming Melbourne suburb, plus a renovation for cash flow project ‘over the ditch’ in New Zealand!

David will take the group through the details of each deal, explaining how he was able to pick the suburb for his development project before it boomed, and what it takes to manage property deals simultaneously on both sides of the Tasman.
Come along and enjoy an information packed evening and network with other investors – hear how they’re making money and learn from the wide variety of experience within the group.

Please join us on Tuesday 20th May at 6.30 pm for a 7pm start at the Veneto Club in Bulleen.  There is plenty of parking and remember, you are always welcome to bring along friends or relatives who are interested in property investing – it is all about networking with like-minded people!

Location The Veneto Club. 191 Bulleen Rd, Bulleen (Just off the Eastern Fwy)
Map Click here for map
Date 20/05/2014
Time 6:30pm registration for a 7:00pm start

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