Tues 17th June – How to get started in the US, and using Options here in Aus

This month we are hearing from Dean McCormack, who has recently returned from the land of opportunity – the US of course.
He’ll be outlining his own personal strategy for starting to invest in the US residential market, and will demonstrate how he is getting net returns of 15%+. Dean will be talking us through how he built his current portfolio over the past two months that will provide him with $15k pa net cashflow.
Dean will also discuss the important details, key contacts overseas and differences between the US and Oz markets. Anything you might want or need to know about investing in the US, Dean has just come back and is happy to share what he’s learned and share how others might get started in the US market.

Secondly, Dean will be covering property options this month. Specifically, why is an option different to simply buying the property and why use it? He’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of using an option and look at making money using short term options.

There’s a lot to cover, plus I have a stack of magazines to share this month! Gold coin entry please.

Bring a notepad, pen, a friend to share the learning with, your coffee mug, and see you there!



Location Civic Library, upstairs via the rear door
Click here for map
Date 17/06/2014
Time 7:00pm

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