Monday 22nd September – Property Investing Accounting Secrets Shared and Revelations Revealed




To be a really successful property investor, you need to have a great accountant.


There is no question that a good accountant will save you tens thousands of dollars – probably more – over your investing lifetime. And they will help reduce the risks inherent in property investing. And yes this comes at a cost. (Unfortunately, we have to pay them – but it’s OK they are worth it!)


When you are starting out in property investing, one of the trickiest parts is gathering the right advice and not overspending on professional fees.  It is expensive to engage the wrong accountant whose advice is not tailored for your style of property investing.


Legal and accounting advice is essential for all property investors, but sometimes we just need to know how things work before we are ready to take on and pay for the full advice on offer. Or we want to know that the accountant we are going to, is the right fit for us instead finding an accountant by trial-and-error.


This month, we have a qualified accountant from a firm that specialises in property investing, and who is an active property investor himself, sharing his knowledge and answering our questions on accounting for property investors.


EVERYONE needs to come to this meeting, and hear the accounting questions answered that could help you save or earn tens of thousands of dollars, or more, in your investing.



Introducing this month’s speaker


Jeremy Iannuzzelli from Keshab Chartered Accountant, is a young, active investor-and-accountant with accounting in his blood.


Jeremy comes from a long line of accountants, with his father, uncle and cousins all sharing the same profession! His prudent, numbers-based approach to life has shaped his investing and he uses the same skills to help his clients get the best structures and accounting for their investing.


Keshab Chartered Accountant takes care of over 1,000 individual investors ranging from 1 investment property to over 150 Investment properties. The combined net worth of the firm’s clients investment property is estimated at over $1B.


Jeremy himself has a growing property investing portfolio, and is featured in Smart Property Investment Magazine.


This month, Jeremy will be talking on lessons he has learnt being an accountant for successful property investors, getting the right structure for your property investing and he will answer those burning accounting questions of all the Sydney Property Meeting members who attend this meeting.


This will be the most-value accounting advice you can get – especially if you are starting out!


At this month’s meeting we will cover:

  • How you might structure a portfolio differently, depending on the kind of properties you are looking to buy
  • How to get the most out of your accountant
  • The best structure when you are buying your very first properties and why
  • What is Net Present Value and how does this apply to property investing (this is a valuable lesson for all property investors!)
  • Why Depreciation is Tax deferral not Tax avoidance
  • And More…!




Come and meet Jeremy, and network with other active property investors who are currently buying, developing, renovating and selling in the property market today.


Don’t miss this meeting!


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Location Parramatta RSL - Macquarie Room, cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Sts, Parramatta. Free parking opposite the club in covered car park.
Map Click here for map
Date 22/09/2014
Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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