Mon 25th May – Maximising Your Property Investment Returns with Boarding Houses and Other Creative Investing Strategies


Cashflow is king when it comes to property investing.


With strong cashflow (and we mean really strong) you are able to pay off all of your investment property’s holding expenses – so you have an asset that is growing in value and costs nothing to hold. This is the opposite of negative gearing where you are paying money, hoping to sell and recoup some costs later.


What’s even better, with really good cashflow, your investment pays you to hold it.


What most investors don’t realise is that you can buy, or create, properties with such strong cashflow that you don’t need to work in a job anymore.


This month, we are going to be talking about Creative Investing Strategies that anyone can do, to make good cashflow from their property portfolio. Then we are going to move into a bit more detail about one of the strategies in particular that could be the one you use to make you financially free.


Ultimately, you are going to learn some of the important principles of investing and how to successfully start building your portfolio for freedom.


Introducing This Month’s Speakers


Linh Le


Linh has had a fascination with property since being a teenager, when she used to always dream about property, read glossy property magazines and sketch buildings in her spare time.


In 2005,  she got her chance to immerse herself in property when she was offered a job at Sydney Inner West’s most renowned real estate agency – Elders Inner West (Australia’s No 1. Elders real estate franchise).


Linh thrived for 6 years in the competitive and cut-throat real estate world before taking her real estate skills to the next level in the high stakes property development industry.


Linh is now the Sales & Acquisitions Manager of Williamson Building Corporation, a multi-disciplined construction and property business specialising in residential and commercial projects within the Sydney metropolitan area.


And in this meeting, she will share her “insider knowledge” in a specialised segment of the industry – New Generation Boarding House development, and Affordable Housing as a strategy for investors to achieve extraordinary high yields.


Mark Kelman


Mark Kelman is author of the book, Become A Property Millionaire In Your Spare Time, director of Achieve Property, and leader of the Sydney Property Meeting Group & South Melbourne Property Meeting Group.


Mark has been investing for over 10 years and has successfully grown a multi-million dollar property portfolio several times over. He currently holds 15 properties and his company teaches people how to successfully get started in property investing and how to get to the next level in their investing – by supplying people with tools and training at an affordable price for beginning investors.


Mark has used a range of strategies throughout his property investing career, from mortgagee sales, to strata subdivision, granny flats, rent-to-own, renovations and buy-and-hold. He is passionate about investors using the right tools so that they can create a win for themselves and a win for the vendor, when they buy.


In this meeting, Mark will be discussing how creative investing strategies that produce extra-high yields, including some he uses himself, can help an investor expand their portfolio as well as earning them a great income, and potentially, financial freedom.


In This Meeting We Will Cover:


  • How you can get ultra-high yields from Creative Property Strategies
  • “New Age Boarding House” developments and why this trend Is escalating
  • Cashflow strategies for profitable land-banking that anyone can do
  • Should you buy an existing project or develop / manufacture your own
  • How to generate a quick and easy profit by selling to a boarding house developer
  • Plus much more


Make sure you come to this meeting to hear a different perspective on strategies that you can use – now or in the near future – to create cashflow, expand your portfolio, and ultimately bring you closer to the financial freedom you seek!


Come and meet Mark Kelman, and Linh Le and network with like-minded property investors who are achieving success in the market right now!


Don’t Miss This Meeting!

Location Parramatta RSL - The Auditorium Room, cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Sts, Parramatta. Free parking opposite the club in covered car park.
Map Click here for map
Date 25/05/2015
Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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