Mon 21st Sept – Using Property Data Tools to Find Great Deals, and make Instant Profits!

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One of the secrets to being a successful property investor is using the right tools. And in today’s property investing, that means some great online resources!
With the right tools, great deals can be found. And not just great deals, awesome deals that are instantly profitable.
With good software tools which we will show you, you can literally save hundreds of hours when assessing new areas for investing, or when trying to find good property deals for your next project. Researching an area or a deal can be fun instead of frustrating!
This month, our meeting will be a little different, because as well sharing the secrets for successful investing, we’ll be actually looking at live, real deals that are on the market, and showing you in real time how to use software that makes your life easy and makes investing more profitable!
Do you have a property you’d like analysed or an area you’d like to see more detail on?
Make sure you come to this meeting and we will show you how it’s done (we’ll even go through specific deals for a few people who want to nominate an area or region for our group to analyse!)


Introducing this month’s speaker


Our speaker for this month is Mark Kelman, author of the book, Become A Property Millionaire In Your Spare Time, director of Achieve Property, and leader of the Sydney Property Meeting Group.


Mark has been investing for over 10 years and has successfully grown a multi-million dollar property portfolio several times over. He currently holds 15 properties and his company teaches people how to successfully get started in property investing and how to get to the next level in their investing – by supplying people with tools and training at an affordable price for beginning investors.


Mark has used a range of strategies throughout his property investing career, from mortgagee sales, to strata subdivision, granny flats, rent-to-own, renovations and buy-and-hold. He is passionate about investors creating a win for themselves and a win for the vendor, when they buy, develop and sell. Mark uses a number of online tools to get the best results from his investing, his Joint Ventures, and the deals he does for his clients – and it’s the mastery of online property information tools that Mark will talk about in this meeting.


In this meeting we will cover:


  • How You Quickly Analyse a Region to understand It’s performance and likely future price trend
  • Why the median price is useful but also very misleading (so you need to know how to use it!)
  • How to find out key information on a property you might buy that often no one else knows.
  • How to build up extensive local knowledge on an area without leaving your armchair.
  • Why it’s vital to buy at the right trend – and what can happen when you don’t (true story)
  • How to find motivated vendors who want to sell quick, and for much less – for instant profits
  • How to know what your property should sell for, once it’s renovated (don’t over capitalise and don’t risk selling too low!)
  • Live demonstration of exactly how you use property knowledge tools
  • Plus much more…


With only 3 meetings to go, learn the skills to finish 2015 on a high and make it your best property investing year yet, with the knowledge and mindset you can learn from our unique meeting.


Come and meet Mark Kelman, and network with like-minded property investors who are achieving success in the market right now!

Location Parramatta RSL - The Auditorium Room, cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Sts, Parramatta. Free parking opposite the club in covered car park.
Map Click here for map
Date 21/09/2015
Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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