Mon 23rd Nov – Using Granny Flats for High Cashflow, Good Gains and to Beat the Sydney Market

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At this meeting we will explore a topic that makes high cashflow achievable for Sydney Investors – Don’t Miss Our Last Meeting for 2015!


With the Sydney property market peaking, many investors are finding it hard to find good deals within driving distance. Rising prices have also resulted in decreased rental yields and poorer cashflow performance of property in Sydney.


But what if there was a ‘secret property technique’ to generate not only good cashflow, but even immediate capital gains using an ‘easy’ strategy that also teaches you how to get started in developing (but without all the hassles that go with being a full-scale developer)…


Granny flat developing allows investors to buy in almost any suburb in Sydney and provided you follow a few rules, get almost-immediate approval and build a highly-cashflow-positive 2nd property, transforming an average property deal to an awesome one.


If you are interested in discovering the smart way to get a high cashflow property in any market around Sydney, boosting your returns, and allowing you to see capital gains but without having to negatively gear, then you have to get to our meeting this month!


At this meeting, you will also get to network with other successful investors who are in the market right now, and moving ahead with a range of other strategies.


As a successful property investor myself, I can’t overemphasise the importance of (1) regular networking and (2) being part of a strong community of investors, to help maintain the momentum you need to keep moving forwards and upwards in your property investing journey.


Don’t Miss This Meeting!



Introducing this month’s speaker


Serge Panayi, director of Granny Flats Sydney and Granny Flat Approvals is one of Sydney’s authorities in granny flat design and implementation, and has been designing and submitting Building Approvals for over three decades now, not only for residential projects but also for commercial and industrial developments.


Serge has been responsible for the approval of over 2,000 granny flats not only in Sydney but also throughout regional NSW, from Byron Bay to Wagga Wagga, Newcastle and the Illawarra.


A vital skill needed in attaining building approvals is knowing how to circumvent a few ‘landmines’ in order to save the client both time and money. This means creating clear and legible plans but it also means knowing what will (and won’t) work on a particular residential site,  knowing the Building Code of Australia very intimately and keeping up to date with all types of modern design solutions. Serge keeps abreast of all these aspects and will freely impart his knowledge with us on how to get best out of granny flats as buyers and investors.


Serge keep abreast on all these aspects and will impart his knowledge with us on how to get best out of granny flats, as investors – and how to get great cashflow from these assets!



In this meeting we will cover:


  • Why granny flats are the fastest way to create great cashflow for suburban property investments
  • The ‘right’ properties for maximising your returns using a granny flat strategy
  • The numbers behind how granny flats work as a good buy-and-hold investment
  • Traps and pitfalls that are easy to avoid – but you MUST know before using this strategy
  • Case studies
  • Plus more


In our LAST Property Meeting for this year, you will discover a great strategy that investors can use to CREATE cashflow deals literally in their backyards.

So come and meet Serge, and network with like-minded property investors who are achieving success in the property market right now.

Don’t Miss This Meeting.


Location Parramatta RSL - The Auditorium Room, cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Sts, Parramatta. Free parking opposite the club in covered car park.
Map Click here for map
Date 23/11/2015
Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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