Wed 20 Jan – No Money no Worries…Here are some OPTIONS?

Happy New Year to all and welcome to 2016, let’s make it the best year yet! What better way to get yourself into gear than coming down learning some new things and meeting some awesome people. Onto the meeting…

This months meeting will be on a strategy people tend to hear a bit about (mostly by hyped up sales dudes), but never really give a good go. But, if done right, can give you fantastic returns and take a lot of risk out of a deal.

The topic, well its Options, a way in which to get into deals with very minimal money down from your small development or renovation to a multi-million dollar development.  Options are a great tool if you know how to use them effectively and where to use them.

So for this meeting we have two or our members that have used the tool successfully a number of times to share their learnings with you. Each of these investors have used this tool called an Option in very different ways, so come and see what is possible when you do it right…

This Month’s Speakers

Brett Endersby from Heaton Investments. Brett has been using options successfully now for a number of years both in the metro area and up North in the Pilbara. Using this approach, he has been able to secure deals on slightly larger projects, with his current one being two options on sites in the heart of Fremantle. Using these options Brett is working on creating sites with over 100 apartments in total with limited money-in compared to the value of the sites, which is in the order of $5-6million for the land only.

Brett will be running through three case studies whereby he has used options to put a deal together and discuss the ins and outs of these and pass on useful information that you can take away yourself. Brett will also be covering some of the basics of options, in terms of what they are, how they work and so on.

Sharon … The second speaker for the night will be Sharon, a regular at our meetings. Sharon has been in the world of property investing for the last 8 years, doing what you would call creative deals. By using options as part of her strategy in property investing, she has been able to make significant cash with little to no money-in. Sharon’s approach is very methodical and the experience she has gained in dealing with owners of unlisted properties is well worth listening to.  Over the years she has put together a strong system for finding and then negotiating the option deal. Most of the sites that Sharon options are the smaller development sites with potential for value add.

Sharon presentation on Options will include:

  • What is an Option
  • Why would a seller/buyer want to do an option?
  • How the process works
  • Real-world advice on what it takes to make this strategy work
  • It’s more then just having a contract – the personal touch

If you want to start using options, you need to attend this session, as this is going to be a session of full of hints and tips from guys actively using this tool.

As always this will also be a great opportunity for networking. We look forward to seeing you there.

So come join us Wednesday 20th January 2016 at the South Perth Library, Cnr South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth, 6:00pm registration for 6:30pm start, finishes around 9:00. There is a $20 per head entry charge or $30 per couple (payable online or at the door) includes a property investing magazine! Please feel free to bring along friends and family.

Location South Perth Library, Cnr South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth
Map Click here for map
Date 20/01/2016
Time 6pm registration for a 6:30pm start, finishes around 9:30pm

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