Developing South of the River, time to Sign on the Dotted Line………

This month’s meeting will continue the focus on building that team of experts you need to be successful in your investing as well as give you an insight into an area with some major changes occurring in the near future.

For this meeting we have two speakers as usual, including theHot Seat – Round 2 (see more below). The first session will be covering off some major changes occurring south of the river with the Canning Bridge and Melville City Centre structure plans, which will see some large increases in densities as well as greater lifestyle choices and importantly for us, development opportunities.

Secondly we will be delving into the mysterious dark arts of…..The Lawyer! In this session we are going to have a lawyer come in for an open discussion so we can understand how we can best work with them to get the best results for our projects. For most of us a good lawyer should be a very important piece of the team, before you sign on the Dotted Line!

This Month’s Topic & Speaker

The first speakers will be Glen O’Brien (Principal) and Dane McKnight (Sales and Marketing) from SALT Property, the only local Project Marketing company in the Canning Bridge area. Glen has been in the property industry for the past 25 years and has run his own agencies since 2002. Glen has a wealth of knowledge about what is happening in the Canning Bridge and Melville areas and is a very active investor himself both within the Canning Bridge area and also outside of that running his own development projects. Dane has worked at SALT since 2014 and was previously an economic and planning analyst at MacroPlan Dimasi. Both Glen and Dane will be providing an insight into what changes are occurring and what opportunities they present, and there are definitely some large changes a coming… So get yourself ready if that’s an area you may be interested in…

The second speaker for the night will be Maurice Oteri from My Law Firm. Maurice’s qualifications include an MBA in International Business: China Program, Juris Doctor (JD) and with more than 30 years of experience operating small and medium sized business enterprises,  brings a great wealth of practical experience and knowledge when dealing with commercial and property transactions in particular. In this session we will be interviewing Maurice to find out how we as potential clients can make the lawyers life easier and at the same time ensure that we are getting the best outcome. For example, when should you use a lawyer, how can you best prepare for a lawyer, what to think about when entering a JV, how to keep your costs down and much more. This is your chance to ask the tough questions in a frank and open setting, so if YOU have any BURNING QUESTIONS for lawyer please get them ready.

It will be another great and informative night and as always this will also be a great opportunity for networking. We look forward to seeing you there.

So come join us Wednesday 23rd March 2016 at the South Perth Library, Cnr South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth, 6:00pm registration for 6:30pm start, finishes around 9:15. There is a $20 per head entry charge or $30 per couple (payable online or at the door) Please feel free to bring along friends and family.

Location South Perth Library, Cnr South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth
Map Click here for map
Date 23/03/2016
Time 6pm registration for a 6:30pm start, finishes around 9:30pm

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