Wed 21st September – Banks! If you can’t beat them, join them……

Banks make lots of money right… Bet you would as well if you had a bucket of cash that big behind you… So why not start thinking like a bank and doing the same with your funds you do have.

Question is how do banks make their money? The answers are pretty simple, minimising risks in deals, and investing money for good solid returns. So tonight we are going to cover off on both of those bases, but not in your typical way…

This Month’s Speakers

 The first speaker for the night is Laurie Winton from Winrome Capital. Laurie has over 25 years’ experience in property banking and financial markets. Laurie’s property banking roles include responsibility for complex residential and commercial projects with Total Development Costs of up to $100million. Following the GFC in 2008 Laurie left property banking to start Winrome Capital primarily assisting stressed property projects restructure by bringing in private equity and debt.

Winrome Capital is now providing end to end funding solutions for property developments including the sourcing of Senior Debt, Mezzanine Debt and Equity from markets both locally and offshore. Winrome also manages a small group of private investors who provide short term landbank debt, secured by 1st mortgage, for suitable projects.

Laurie will be talking about how the banks view development funding applications, to give you an insight into how to get your deals into a position that they will get the best finance or help you to find deals that will. Laurie will also be talking about his high net worth lenders, lend money when the banks won’t and what type of deals they fund and what they look for.

The second speaker of the night is Jeff Broun from Fat Hen Ventures.  Jeff is an experienced corporate finance professional with particular focus on crowd or retail backed ventures. He also has IPO and ASX experience and has been CEO, executive director, chairman, non-executive director and company secretary of four listed companies and twenty private companies.

Jeff will be talking about an alternate option for investing your money that has the potential for great returns if managed properly, that being venture capital, which is funding for start-up businesses. I know you probably think this is a space for people with millions of dollars and the corporate types, however, with new crowd-funding platforms coming out you will be able to invest for a few thousand dollars. So if you have some spare cash, are happy to invest for the longer term and would like to diversify your investments then this is the session for you. Jeff will be covering:

  • what is venture capital (VC)
  • what % of your capital is reasonable to allocate to VC
  • what sort of returns can you expect / what sort of timeframes are investors looking at
  • how would you best go about your first VC investment
  • how to setup a portfolio of investments
  • how to best manage your risks
  • what to look for in a VC investment
  • what types of opportunities are out there at the moment

It will be another great and informative night and as always this will also be a great opportunity for networking. We look forward to seeing you there.

So come join us Wednesday 21st September 2016 at the South Perth Library, Cnr South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth, 6:00pm registration for 6:30pm start, finishes around 9:00. There is a $20 per head entry charge or $30 per couple (payable online or at the door). Please feel free to bring along friends and family.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Jeremy and Craig

Location South Perth Library, Cnr South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth
Map Click here for map
Date 21/09/2016
Time 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start, finishes around 9pm

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