Mon 21 November – The Secrets to Getting The Best Price When Selling, Or When Buying, Your Next Property!


Anthony Bekiaris

Buying and selling a property can be a stressful time for a property investor. But it’s also the time that is crucial to making the most money – as every decision you make can literally cost you, or make you, tens of thousands of dollars!
This month our speaker who is a top-real-estate agent (and one of the good guys) will share the secrets behind how to get the best price when buying and when selling.
Never before in the history of the Sydney Property Meeting have we had a real estate agent talk to our group about the secrets to getting the best price.
One of the reasons is that you need a great agent to be able to share these insights, and (sadly) a lot of agents focus on a quick sale, or getting the most listings (and the most commissions), and not necessarily on getting the best deal for their seller.
However, there is also another side to the coin. A vendor (seller) needs to have a realistic price or they simply won’t get a sale. Many properties sit on the market and don’t sell because the seller has a price too high, or they aren’t marketing the property right.
So how do you know (as a seller) when to settle on a price and sell? And how do you know (as a buyer) when walk away from a deal? 
Getting the right price, both when buying and selling, is vital to the success of the property investor. Having a good marketing campaign and choosing the right agent is also critical when you are selling. Yet some investors seem to be able to do all these things with ease while others can never land a deal, or just pay too much or sell for too little.
This month, we will share the secrets to achieving the best success when buying and selling.
And we are going to cover such great information that I expect this to be one of our biggest meetings of the year. A great way to wrap up 2016!
Remember. In this meeting you could literally pick up strategies that could make you tens of thousands of dollars more when doing your next property deal. Can you afford not to make it to this last meeting for 2016!?
Don’t Miss This Meeting!

About this month’s speaker – Anthony Bekiaris

To say that real estate sales runs in Anthony’s family is an understatement. He learnt about real estate from a very young age, having been mentored by his father & uncle, both highly successful real estate business owners who owned and operated United Realty Campbelltown & Leumeah for 25 years.
Now a highly qualified and experienced agent himself, Anthony has worked in various markets including Balmain & Double Bay, and now Campbelltown, and for some of Sydney’s top agencies, selling everything from everyday-homes, right up to multi-million dollar properties, and even without advertising.
Anthony brings to real estate sales: consistent communication, creative thinking, a sense of fun and excitement, and a focus on repeat business. With a natural flair for negotiating and the ability to extract the very best price for his vendors Anthony’s determination and long-sighted career aspirations remind his vendors that he is always working in their best interest. And he’s also a really nice guy.
This month, Anthony will share some of the hidden secrets behind how to achieve the best price when selling – or buying your next investment property, or home.
Sydney Property Meeting leader, Mark Kelman, will also add to the discussion and share his insights on this vitally important topic.
If there is one meeting you have to come to, this year, this is it.

What we will cover in this meeting

  • How to work with your sales agent to get the absolute best price when you are selling
  • Mistakes that sellers often make that results in them getting less than they should
  • How your buying strategy should change in a hot market, vs a ‘cooler’ market
  • The trick to knowing when to hold out for a better price
  • One simple strategy to add an extra $10K to the end-sale price for your investment property
  • Tips on researching agents and choose the best agent for selling
  • How to get your property ‘staged’ for free
  • How to determine the price your property should sell for (and why to aim higher)
  • And so much more…!

So make sure you come along to our LAST MEETING for 2016. Come and celebrate the year that was, and get ready for a great year ahead in 2017… Meet Anthony and all the property investors who attend, for awesome networking opportunities.
See you at the meeting!

Location Parramatta RSL - The Auditorium Room, cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Sts, Parramatta. Free parking opposite the club in covered car park.
Map Click here for map
Date 21/11/2016
Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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