Mon 22nd May – Seven Properties in 2 Years AND The Accounting Secrets of Negative Gearing and Structuring

Many property investors are at the stage of growing their portfolios but have questions around how best to structure themselves, how to gear their investing, and even just how to grow a sizeable portfolio in a short period of time.
Getting the right structure – and deciding whether to use a company, family trust, unit trust, or a range of other vehicles in which to buy your investments – can make a big impact on the tax you pay and other risks you face as you grow your investments.
And especially when you are starting out, investors face challenges such as how to find the finance to grow your property investing to the level you want, or even just what to buy in what order to optimise your returns from your portfolio in the time-frame you want.
This month we have two speakers who will be sharing a vast amount of knowledge around how to grow a portfolio from the start, and a range of key accounting considerations to help Sydney Property Meeting members move forwards with their portfolios.
And our second speaker is a qualified accountant who can answer questions on tax, accounting and other financial topics – so be sure to bring your tax & accounting questions along.
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About this month’s speakers

Jackie Connor has been a property investor since only Nov 2014 and in the two years as at Nov 2016, had purchased 7 properties starting from a baseline of no savings.
Jackie’s background is not in finance or real estate. By trade she is an early childhood teacher who, early on in her career, transitioned to the printing industry where she spent thirty years, the last several as a procurement manager for Australia’s largest publishers. The last three years Jackie has spent working in contract roles in other industries altogether including the interior fitout industry, the hotel industry and is currently contracted with QBE insurance in the motor category.
Several years ago Jackie decided that she wanted to build a property portfolio and she set about with an ambitious property-purchasing-and-investing plan, with incredible results. Jackie will share with everyone how she managed to finance her investment purchases, what she chose to buy and how she decided her purchases, the mind-set required to continue investing, and some of the tools she uses to manage and grow her portfolio.
Jeremy Iannuzzelli is an enthusiastic property investor with over 12 properties in his portfolio, and he’s also a qualified accountant & registered Tax Agent with a Bachelor of Business & Commerce from Western Sydney University, majoring in Accounting and commercial law.
Jeremy has over 9 years of experience commencing with a Chartered Accounting practice, where he is a transitioning partner. Jeremy also managers a number of clients who are investors, with their portfolios ranging from one property to well over 100 properties. He has interests in many businesses which range from bookkeeping, legal firms and property development.
He credits his success to his understanding of numbers and how they play a big role in the overall transaction. Jeremy strives to always maintain quality in all aspects of accounting and bookkeeping, he believes this is the fundamental key to a successful and sustainable business. Jeremy is also the in-house property mentor for Domain Property group, advising and mentoring under 35’s about business and investment.

What we will cover in this meeting

  • How to go from 0 to 7 properties in just 2 years
  • Where to invest for optimal growth especially if you are starting out
  • What numbers you need to focus on to build a portfolio fast
  • Where negative gearing works the best and how to use this strategy for incredible results
  • Why negative gearing is a trap for other investors, and why some people must avoid it
  • How to align the right accounting structure with your portfolio plan for the best tax outcome
  • The tricks and traps of trusts, companies and other structures
  • Plus much more

So be sure to come to this month’s meeting, meet Jackie & Jeremy and network with a range of experienced investors who are active in property investing right now.
See you at the meeting!

Location Parramatta RSL - The Auditorium Room, cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Sts, Parramatta. Free parking opposite the club in covered car park.
Map Click here for map
Date 22/05/2017
Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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