Tue 18th July – How to avoid making an ASS of U and ME!

We’re fed all sorts of information about the property market from multiple sources every day.

As property investors, we regularly make ASSUMPTIONS based on this information.

But are we always getting the full truth, and should we blindly believe everything a real estate agent tells you or what we read in the media?

As the saying goes, to “Assume” is to make an “ass” of “u” and “me”… And the last thing we want to become is a property investing ‘donkey’!

Many investors would be guilty of misinterpreting the information we’re given, or having more (blind) faith in an outcome than we should. However the consequences of using the wrong piece of data or misreading the market can be quite costly.

How can we separate fact from fiction, so that we can make better-informed, less emotional, and more profitable property investing decisions?

At this month’s Property Meeting, experienced property investor and mentor Lynn Buckingham will discuss some of the most misleading information that investors commonly and mistakenly rely upon when purchasing an investment property.

Lynn will illustrate real-life examples of invalid assumptions that have impacted the profitability of a deal, and demonstrate techniques to help you avoid making the same mistakes in your own investing!

Come along to hear about some property deals that didn’t quite go to plan, or even stopped the investor dead in their tracks, and learn what to watch out for yourself.

Lynn will cover:

  • Simple due diligence techniques for testing assumptions and avoiding costly mistakes
  • Clever conditions to include in an offer so that you can buy yourself time to check things out more thoroughly, before committing to the deal
  • Common errors investors make when (mis-)interpreting data, and how this leads to the wrong conclusions
  • How to interpret Median prices, and the relevance of this data to your investing decisions (this alone may change how you look at the property market!)

…plus much more!

A highly experienced investor, Lynn has been investing in property for over 15 years using a broad range of strategies including positive cash flow, renovations, property development and commercial properties, both within Australia and overseas.  We’re excited to have Lynn joining us to share her wealth of knowledge and experience


Come and Be Part Of Our Popular Networking ….

This is going to be an awesome evening so prioritise the date in your diary and get ready to learn.

Plenty of opportunity for networking on the night with over 40 property investors.

We will do some very effective ‘focused’ networking but you have to be there to experience it!

I look forward to seeing you there


Location The Veneto Club. 191 Bulleen Rd, Bulleen (Just off the Eastern Fwy)
Map Click here for map
Date 18/07/2017
Time 6:45pm registration for a 7:00pm start

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