Thur 3rd Aug – Never get into a property deal without knowing what you’ll get out of it…

It’s a sad truth that many property investors never actually reach their goals. They hope and pray that that somehow they’ll end up making it… but without really knowing how.

A common approach attempted by investors is to try to buy and hold as many properties as possible, with the hope that by retirement they’ll be able to sell down half of these to reduce debt on the remainder, so that the rent on the remaining properties gives them a passive income.

But the unfortunate reality that confronts many investors when they reach ‘retirement’ age is that either they’ve been unable to accumulate sufficient properties (or sufficient equity) for this approach to work, or that the resulting passive income is just not enough. They wish they could have followed a different investing path, with a different outcome – but by then it could be too late.

Sophisticated property investors know that there are more effective methods of building capital and creating a passive income than the traditional ‘buy, hold and pray’ approach – including active investing strategies like renovation, subdivision and development.

Ask yourself these questions:

• Do you have a clear property investing goal? Do you know how much you’ll need from your property investments for a comfortable retirement?

• Do you know how the next investment property you buy will fit into this goal? Is it actually going to make you enough money…? Can you confidently say HOW MUCH and BY WHEN?

• And what about any existing properties in your portfolio – Will these deliver the financial outcome that you need, when you need them to?

• If you are considering a value-adding project like a renovation or subdivision/development, can you tell which deals will be profitable and which are not profitable?

Our guest speaker this month is professional property investor Brendan Kelly from Results Mentoring. A highly experienced investor, and author of acclaimed Australian property book The Real Deal, Brendan has coached over 1,000 property investors in the strategies and techniques for profiting in property and is known for his blunt approach to ‘telling it like it is’.

Brendan is going to share how you can quickly and easily assess the profitability value-adding projects like combining the renovation of a house with subdivision and construction of a new dwelling in the back yard. Understanding this strategy could help you make the most of the land you have available in a property – whether it’s one you are about to buy, one you have just bought, or one you’ve had for ages but have never quite got around to doing anything about.

In this meeting Brendan will cover:

• How to run the numbers on renovating for profit

• How to run the numbers for profiting on a ‘combo’ deal involving a renovation with a subdivision and construction of a new home on the back yard

• Why it’s essential to “Start with the End in Mind” (the opposite approach to most investors)

• The 3 mistakes you must avoid to ensure you don’t sabotage your progress

…… plus Much More


Come and Be Part Of Our Popular Networking …

This is going to be an awesome evening so get it prioritised in your diary and get ready to learn!

Plenty of networking on the night as well with over 40 property investors with varying skill levels.

We will do some fun and ‘focused’ networking but you have to be there to experience it!

Make sure you come along.


Location Limerick Arms Hotel, 364 Clarendon St, South Melbourne VIC 3205
Map Click here for map
Date 03/08/2017
Time 6:30 for 7:00pm start

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