Mon Nov 27th – Buying Investment Property Overseas Real Deals from New Zealand, USA, UK & Indonesia


In recent years, an increasing number of Australian investors have begun looking beyond our own shores for their property investment needs. As property prices in Australia continue to soar, there are plenty of bargains to be found in overseas markets, and investing in foreign countries can be an effective way to diversify your portfolio.

As with any form of investing, there are potential traps associated with putting your money into property overseas.  We have multiple speakers presenting at this meeting who have invested in New Zealand, the USA, the UK, and Indonesia.

New Zealand Case study

A highly experienced investor, Simon has been investing in property for over 15 years using a broad range of strategies including positive cash flow, renovations, property development and commercial properties, both within Australia and overseas.

Holding university degrees in Commerce and Law, and with over 10 years’ experience as a business consultant, Simon turned his back on corporate life forever following the births of his two children and now spends his time investing, developing property, and building businesses – while teaching others how they can do the same. He has personally coached hundreds of investors in techniques that can be used to profit from property in any market, and has presented to thousands of people at property conferences and seminars around Australia and New Zealand.

Simon’s opinions on the property market and real-world investing strategies have featured in Your Investment Property magazine, Smart Property Investment, Channel7 News at 6, Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Talk, and Property Observer. He is co-author of critically acclaimed property book The Real Deal, and a Director of Australia’s premier mentoring service for property investors: the RESULTS Mentoring Program.

While investing in property overseas comes with a degree of risk, you can enjoy good returns if you know what you’re doing. Simon will present some case studies of investments in New Zealand and talk about the funding environment.

UK Case Study

Paul Averill, together with his wife and business partner Pascale run a property portfolio valued at over $1.5m across 3 countries. Australia, NZ and UK. This approach to investment has helped them develop an understanding of the nuances of diversification but also the challenges faced when buying residential property remotely.

In their “day jobs” Paul is a Remedial Therapist, a Men’s Health Podcast host and trainer in leadership development. Pascale is a sales and network marketing professional working with both corporate and online companies.

Paul and Pascale have recently purchased a property in the UK and remotely are renovating it into a boarding house. They will share their story.

USA Case Study

Margaret Wilson is a veteran in property investing and has extensive experience investing, and divesting property. She has taken on the challenge of investing in the USA and regularly travels to the USA. She currently owns 3 properties in the USA.

She will share her experiences and the pitfalls and benefits.

Indonesian Case Study

Mei Turnip came to Australia in 2011 to study a teaching degree and never went home. she has remained her to work as a teacher. In Indonesia she held a Masters Degree in Finance. She Bought a unit in Indonesia for $AUD30,000 and rented it to expats and sold this for $80,000 5 years ago. Her sister bought land in an affluent area for $AUD150,000, built a house for $400,000 and it’s now worth in excess of $700,000. In 2008 Mei bought a house fo r$150,000, spent $100,000 renovating it and sold it in 2012 for $350,000. Her mother also buys low priced  rice fields in Indonesia in areas that will be developed in the future, she rents the rice fields to farmers until such time as the developers come knocking on her door to purchase.

Mei will present her story and information about investing in Indonesia

Make sure you don’t miss this inspirational and informative meeting to get some great information relating to property investing. This is our last meeting for 2017. 

Remember, you are always welcome to bring along friends or relatives who are interested in property investing – it is all about networking with like-minded people!

Location 207 Frome Road (cnr Wakefield St) Adelaide CBD. Century 21 office. Please ring the doorbell on arrival at 207 Frome Rd. Parking is available on adjacent streets.
Map Click here for map
Date 27/11/2017
Time Arrive from 5.30pm for 6pm start to 8pm then Bocelli for networking

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