Monday 22nd January – How to Make 200K+ Profit from Selling with Plans and Permits

Important note: This is Mark’s last Property Meeting as leader of the Sydney Property Meeting group, and he will be one of the main speakers, so come along and celebrate the last five-and-a-half years of meetings, and a great talk. Guaranteed this will be worth attending. Don’t Miss It!
One great way to make money in property investing is selling with plans and permits.
In essence, you find a potential development site, secure it, create plans and permits for a new development (and get these approved by council), then on-sell the land-with-plans-and-permits to a builder or developer so they can do the build. And make a great profit!
This kind of project is great for multiple reasons:

  • You don’t need to fund the build yourself
  • You don’t need to manage the build at all
  • You optimize your cash-on-cash return by shortening the time between purchase and sale
  • You can even do the project with a JV partner so you don’t even put any money in!

This month we will hear from Sydney Property Meeting Leader, Mark Kelman, and his team of partners on how they created a great result from a recent Melbourne plans-and-permits project, and how you can too.
Don’t miss this meeting!


About this month’s speakers – Mark Kelman, Tessa Biddles, Jens Grovernman, Johanna Doering

Mark Kelman is the leader of the Sydney Property Meeting Group, author of the book, Become A Property Millionaire In Your Spare Time, and director of Achieve Property. He is also a veterinary surgeon, scientific researcher, philanthropist, and social entrepreneur.
Tessa in her day-to-day job, is a Marketing, Media & Social Media Manager for a QLD not-for-profit that helps young and vulnerable people facing life’s challenges. In her spare time, she uses the skills she has developed over the course of her career to pull together exceptional property deals.
Jens works for a large global Integrated Logistic Provider in the Corporate Sales Division, heading the Military and Renewable Energy section. He invests because though he is passionate about his job and what he does, he doesn’t want to work beyond 60, and property investing is his means to ensure he has the financial security he needs.
Johanna currently works as a Marketing, Events & Office Manager for a small company in Botany. After finishing university in Germany Johanna worked for 7 years as an event manager for a classical music festival in Germany, but chose to complete her Master’s Degree at Macquarie University, fell in love with Sydney and Australia in 2006 and has been here ever since!
Together, this team has all the skills, knowledge, experience, cash, time, finance and tenacity to pull off a deal that cost nearly a million dollars to buy and profited a quarter of a million dollars in just over 18 months.
And this month, they will share how they found each other, and how they made this project work – and how you can too.

What we will cover in this meeting

  • How to source a great development site for a plans-and-permits project
  • The importance of multiple exit strategies for highest profitability, and how to achieve this
  • How to do a plans-and-permits deal successfully as a Joint Venture deal
  • Three tips to maximizing your profit
  • The importance of insurance even for a development site
  • The secret to reduce your costs significantly on a plans-and-permits project
  • How to get into a plans-and-permits deal if you haven’t done one before
  • Plus lots more

Make sure you come to this month’s meeting to meet Mark and the rest of his JV team, and to network with 60-100 other property investors who are profiting in the market right now, and welcome in 2018!

Location Parramatta RSL - The Auditorium Room, cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Sts, Parramatta. Free parking opposite the club in covered car park.
Map Click here for map
Date 22/01/2018
Time 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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