Dec 12th – Discover How To Adapt To The Changing 2018 Property Market plus Networking

Wow! What a year 2017 has been.

We have had some incredible speakers come and share their knowledge at our Bulleen Property Meeting group this year.

For all of you have come to our meeting, and especially to those of you who come regularly, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU! The meeting would not exist if it was not for you, the property investors, who come and support us.

Bringing the year to a close, I have asked professional property investor and mentor Simon Buckingham to come and give us a Melbourne property market outlook for 2018 and provide what you must be focusing on as an investor to grow your equity and cash-flow in the new year.

Following on from Simon’s presentation, I will facilitate a session that I call being ‘loud & proud’. This is where you have the opportunity to let everyone know what have been the year’s key highlights for you personally, in a friendly and safe environment. We will then network and this is your opportunity to meet other like-minded property investors.

See further below on how to prepare for the ‘loud & proud’ session.

Let’s recap our 2017 meetings and see what we covered …

  • “Creating winning offers: Strategies to win over vendors and beat the competition” with Property Investor Simon Buckingham [Jan 2017]
  • “Secrets on how to make interior design Extraordinary!” with interior designer Katerina Kapetania [Feb 2017]
  • “Discover the ONE KEY Secret for Property Investing Success PLUS $250k+ Real Deal” with Tony Lambrianos & Jimmy Lam [Mar 2017]
  • “Expert Reveals What You MUST Know About The New VIC Residential Planning Rules!” with town planner Frank Perry [Apr 2017]
  • “Discover The 3 Critical ‘Due Diligence’ Items Overlooked By Most Developers” with property investor and mentor Tony Nicolo [May 2017]
  • “How To Maximise Your Returns Through Great Property Management” with property management experts Leah Sharp and Damien Welch from Little Real Estate [Jun 2017]
  • “How to avoid making an ASS of U and ME!” with property investor and mentor Lynn Buckingham [Jul 2017]
  • “7 Issues to Watch Out for When Buying or Selling Off-The-Plan PLUS Networking” with property law expert, Lewis O’Brien [Aug 2017]
  • “How to get your partner ‘on-side’ with your investing goals – PLUS real deals” with property investor Yvonne Nicolo [Sep 2017]
  • “Depreciation Changes for Investment Properties and how they affect You!” with Tyron Hyde, CEO of Washington Brown Quantity Surveyors [Oct 2017]
  • “Experts reveal how to minimise tax and maximise access to finance!” with Chartered Accountant Brent McCartney from DFK Benjamin King Money and finance expert Cameron Perry from Perry Finance [Nov 2017]

When you reflect back at what was covered throughout the year, plus the incredible networking opportunities that have been created, its no wonder that our Bulleen property investing group is regarded as the best in Melbourne!

A HUGE THANK YOU also goes out to Lynn Buckingham, Paula York and Tony Nicolo for supporting me every month.

How to prepare for the Loud & Proud session

Reflect on the year and note down …

  • The knowledge you have learnt
  • The people you have met
  • The goals you have achieved
  • The mental mindshift that has occured
  • The change in investing attitude
  • The benefits you see for your family
  • The new ‘investing you’
    ….   and anything else you can think of..

Please join us on Tuesday 12th December at 7.00 pm at the Veneto Club, 191 Bulleen Rd, Bulleen.

There is a $20 per head entry charge or $30 per couple.

Don’t miss this fabulous meeting!

See you there



Location The Veneto Club. 191 Bulleen Rd, Bulleen (Just off the Eastern Fwy)
Map Click here for map
Date 12/12/2017
Time Registration Time: 6:45pm Start Time: 7pm

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