FRIDAY 10th Aug – The 6 simplest profit making strategies for property +ve cash flow, capital growth, reno’s, 1-2 subs, land and build, wave of growth.

If you’re a beginner, scrambling to understand what some investors did to become millionaires, the answer is surprisingly simple!

Each and every experienced property investor began without experience and was terrified about making a wrong move. And with so many properties on the market offering different opportunities, mustering the courage to start a property portfolio is often the most difficult part in property investing.

Whether you already own property or not, as long as you understand a few key concepts and are clear about your goals, property investing can become a much less daunting proposition.

Brendan Kelly has a wide breadth of experience built up over 20 years of investing in property. Brendan’s expertise spans a multitude of property strategies including renovations, growth properties, positive cash flow deals, industrial properties and property development – and he is presently involved in multiple real estate projects valued in the tens of millions. Brendan has personally mentored more than a thousand people in all aspects of property investing.

Today, as a public speaker, professional investor, Director of Results Mentoring and Director of leading property analysts Property Predictions, Brendan has written articles for Your Investment Property magazine, Smart Property Investment, and other property media offering tips for property investors. He presents regularly at seminars and donates his time to local investor networking groups as a motivator and educator on property investing and wealth creation strategies. Brendan co-wrote The Real Deal: Property Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom, published in 2010 by Wright Books.


We are pleased to announce that Brendan will be presenting at this months Property Meeting. And the topic..?

Key tips on how to successfully invest in 6 of the simplest property investing strategies for today’s market

  1. BUY & HOLD FOR CAPITAL GROWTH – The simplest and easiest strategy for improving your retirement – but the wrong decisions today will have significant consequences tomorrow – ’000,000’s of difference! Clarity of your objectives and a solid understanding the market is required.
  2. POSITIVE CASH FLOW – While all investment properties eventually become positive cash flow in theory – once you’ve paid off the debt owing on the property – not all properties produce a positive cash flow to begin with. Indeed, most do not, and investors may have to search hard to find properties that will create an income from the outset. Or do they?
  3. RENOVATING FOR PROFIT – On TV, renovating houses for a profit appears easy. Sure, it requires a little effort, but there’s a profit every time! But there are many risks and many more who make substantial losses. Simple systems allow experienced investors to ensure their risks are mitigated before buying!
  4. SUBDIVIDING ONE INTO TWO – It’s hard not be swayed by the logic of doing a subdivision project. If you’ve got a larger sized property, surely a subdivision will make money! In most circumstances – yes! Knowing what to look for will give you the best chance for success in avoiding the ‘traps for young players.
  5. WAVE OF GROWTH – The housing market goes through many different stages and no two suburbs behave the same way at the same time. Being able to read the market well, enables investors to buy into suburbs, enjoy the growth, exit and repeat!
  6. BUY, BUILD, SELL – is again, a matter of being able to read those areas where you can purchase land, build as home and sell for a profit. Demand for where you go and what you build determines the profit you make!

Come and meet Brendan,  Be Part Of Our Popular Networking …and network with other active property investors who are currently buying, developing, renovating and selling in the property market today.

Remember, you are always welcome to bring along friends or relatives who are interested in property investing – it is all about networking with like-minded people!

No Children Please

Location 207 Frome Road (cnr Wakefield St) Adelaide CBD. Century 21 office. Please ring the doorbell on arrival at 207 Frome Rd. Parking is available on adjacent streets.
Map Click here for map
Date 10/08/2018
Time Arrive from 5.45pm for 6pm start to 8pm then Bocelli for networking

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