Thu 7th Mar – Building LinkedIn Connections and Successful Relationships in the Property Industry

Social networks are key to creating meaningful professional connections. They allow you to build relationships with future employers, engage with those outside your inner circle, and gain new business opportunities with only a click of a button.

And they can be a powerful way to build your network of useful property investing contacts too!

Learn how to link with and build real, successful and meaningful connections with professionals, clients and collaborators in the property industry.

In a dynamic presentation, hear from leading industry expert Megan Edwards from mWords Communications about how to create meaningful connections that will propel you towards your investing, business or career goals.

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest business social media platform. It can help you create strong ties with like-minded professionals, but to work it has to be used strategically! In this presentation, Megan Edwards will offer simple and easy tips to make your Linkedln profile stand out, generate leads and build your brand to be seen as an authority in your industry.

However, developing real and successful connections doesn’t just stop with LinkedIn. You must also understand how to build on those social network connections. Following Megan’s presentation, I will provide you with the personal skills needed to create a powerful first impression in face-to-face interactions.

Come along to meet like-minded property investors, and business people, who can help you reach your goals.

A Q & A and a focused networking session will follow the event, so don’t forget your business cards!

Please extend this invitation to those in your network who you feel would benefit from this event and the opportunity to meet with industry professionals.

Megan Edwards is a Melbourne-born LinkedIn strategist and content marketer of over 20 years, who began her marketing career back when print advertising was the dominant communication channel. She helps businesses of all sizes build a LinkedIn presence to support their business goals, with a key focus on growing brand awareness, lead generation and authority. A lifelong wordsmith and educator, her passion is making it simple for anyone to leverage the power of LinkedIn and create great content.

 You do NOT want to miss this meetup!

 How do I RSVP?

There is no need to RSVP.  All you have to do is attend.  This is free networking event, so come and meet other property investors plus listen to this incredible guest speaker.

A Few Important Notes

  1. Bring Your Pads, Pens, iPad or whatever it takes but don’t forget to take notes.When you come to the Property Meeting, please bring something to take notes – you don’t want to miss a thing and we’ll be sharing very valuable information on the night!
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Come and Be Part Of Our Popular Networking ….

This is going to be an awesome evening so prioritise the date in your diary and get ready to learn.

There will be plenty of opportunity for networking on the night with over 40 property investors.

Time permiting we will do our famous and very effective ‘focused’ networking but you have to be there to experience it!

I look forward to seeing you there!

– Tony

Location Limerick Arms Hotel, 364 Clarendon St, South Melbourne VIC 3205
Map Click here for map
Date 07/03/2019
Time 6:30pm networking for a 7:00pm start

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