Thu 6th Jun – How to build a $100k passive income property portfolio plus Networking

This month we have an awesome speaker you MUST come and hear.  This is a free networking event, make sure you get there for networking with other investors from 6:30pm.  There is plenty of parking in the street.

How to build a $100k passive income property portfolio

If you would like to leave your day job, want to grow a sizeable investment property portfolio, or just desire greater financial security, then one of the secrets is to build a portfolio that brings in a good passive income.

Many investors try setting out on this road but few actually achieve it – because they don’t necessarily understand what you need to do to be successful at this strategy.

This month, I have invited experienced property investor and Results Mentoring Program Graduate, Glenn Newbery, to share his story and reveal how you too can grow a sizeable passive income property portfolio, and – once you’ve started – how to keep building your portfolio to leverage both cashflow and capital growth.


AWESOME GIFT: We will be giving away an awesome property investing gift from our sponsors on the night valued $199 – but you need to be there to get it! 

Don’t Miss This Meeting!

About this month’s speaker

Glenn purchased his first investment property back in 1998, mainly because he was bad at saving money and felt that purchasing an investment property would be a form of ‘forced savings’ through paying down a mortgage. Since then he has had quite a journey of gaining knowledge and education and applying the learned strategies and concepts and putting them into action.

Over his property investing career so far, he has undertaken many types of investing strategies, from buy and hold, to renovations, developments and even investing in New Zealand. In 2011 Glenn shifted his property investing strategy, which lead to him building a substantial property portfolio of 14 properties within 3 years all while working a demanding full time job in IT.

A change in his employment situation in mid-2014 came as a blessing in disguise, when in 2015 he was offered an opportunity to change career, and move into the property investment industry as a Portfolio Planner. He now has a dream job which allows him to live and breathe his passion for property investing every day, educating people and giving them a vision that can help change their lives.

What Glenn will cover in this meeting:

  • Determining whether Growth or Cashflow is your primary objective, and why both are important
  • How to minimise risk in your property investing
  • The trick of making your money work hard for you
  • Building the right team and why it’s crucial to your success
  • Things to look for when buying an investment property
  • One of the vital keys to success in property investing

…   plus much more

Come and meet Glenn in person, and network with other investors who are currently buying, developing, renovating and selling in the property market today.


You do NOT want to miss this meetup!


This is free networking event, so come and meet other property investors plus listen to this incredible guest speaker on:

A Few Important Notes

  1. Bring Your Pads, Pens, iPad or whatever it takes but don’t forget to take notes.When you come to the Property Meeting, please bring something to take notes – you don’t want to miss a thing and we’ll be sharing very valuable information on the night!
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This is going to be an awesome evening so prioritise the date in your diary and get ready to learn.

There will be plenty of opportunity for networking on the night with over 40 property investors.

Time permiting we will do our famous and very effective ‘focused’ networking but you have to be there to experience it!


I look forward to seeing you there!

– Tony


Location Limerick Arms Hotel, 364 Clarendon St, South Melbourne VIC 3205
Map Click here for map
Date 06/06/2019
Time 6:30pm networking for a 7:00pm start

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