3 Super Speakers – Point Data Land Development Metrics and Comprehensive Credit Reporting

Development potential can be hindered by complex development plans, poorly planned subdivisions and inaccurate land and development valuation. Smart developers profit through property value uplift as a result of intelligent and strategic land subdivision, whereas smart builders can improve margins through the use of strategic planning and development data. How can a Developer quickly know the profit upside of development opportunities across a region.

Introducing Point Data’s Solution

Point Data’s Development Potential Report and Land Development Metrics provide Unrivalled Data and insight into an entire Metropolitan area for existing developers and newcomers alike. Point Data Provide Highly Accurate Property and land insights into listing pricing, neighbourhood history, analysis, trends and comparisons. PointData Draws on a wide range of data sources including Comparable real estate data. Point Data combines highly specific real estate data sources including sale price estimation, council development plan conditions, development potential and profitability forecasts

Introducing Benjamin Russ a strategic planner with 15 years’ experience, and qualifications in social geography and urban planning. Ben has extensive experience in policy and strategy, transport and land use planning. He is the Head of Planning and Service Delivery at PointData, where he is responsible for turning planning concepts and systems into property analytics data and products.

Introducing Matt Wake, who has a genuine passion for property with over a decade of diverse experience in construction, property sales & property developments. Appointed as head of sales at PointData Matt strives to help companies/property professionals by simplifying data and its insights to identify more development opportunities, increase internal efficiencies, reduce risk and improve profitability through new technology in property development.

Don’t miss this valuation information 

What is comprehensive credit reporting?

When you apply for a loan or credit, credit providers will check your credit report. Created by a credit reporting body, this document records your credit history – from how many times you applied for credit and which loans were opened, to your history of making repayments, defaults and how much debt you have available.

The recent credit reporting changes in Australia provide a fuller, clearer picture of your credit history. These changes may make it easier – or for some people, harder – to get credit or a loan.

Previously, your credit report mainly shows your ‘bad’ credit behaviour such as defaults and other credit infringements and bankruptcies. Now, your comprehensive credit report also includes positive information like your repayment history. So if your credit report or credit history shows that you manage your debt well, this is viewable to credit providers.

Introducing Peter D’Alfonso – founding director of Restore My Credit

Restore My Credit are expert credit mediators who are specialists in debt negotiations with all creditors, including ATO debts and in the repair and restoration of personal and business credit files for the improvement of your credit score.

Peters company assists in removing any defaults or judgments on a credit file that is stopping clients from obtaining their finance. They also provide debt negotiation to assist clients with debts that they cannot manage.

Important information for everyone applying for finance

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You can either attend in person at the Master Builders Association Venue on 47 South Terrace Adelaide or on-line via a zoom link.  Only 30 people can attend in person at the venue.

Staying Covid Safe
Please do not attend in person if you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, have been in contact with a known infected person in the past 3 weeks or have travelled from interstate or overseas in the past 3 weeks. The wearing of a face mask is welcomed but not compulsory. Please maintain 1.5 metres at all times and refrain from hand shaking.

A Few Important Notes

  1. Bring Your Pads, Pens, iPad or whatever it takes but don’t forget to take notes.When you come to the Property Meeting, please bring something to take notes – you don’t want to miss a thing and we’ll be sharing very valuable information on the night!

It’s going to be another full house so make sure you secure your place …

 I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!


Location Master Builders Association 47 South Terrace Adelaide
Map Click here for map
Date 15/03/2021
Time Arrive from 5.45pm for 6pm start to 8pm then networking until 9pm

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