Sat 10th Jul – Has the property market peaked… and what’s coming in 2022? [ONLINE WORKSHOP]

Dear Property Investor,

The property market has been running hot across much of the country, with “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) felt by many home buyers and investors as prices skyrocket.

But in the latest headlines there’s talk that property values may be peaking, that interest rates might be about to rise, or even that the RBA and financial regulators might step-in to deliberately “cool” the market.

Will this property “boom” last into 2022, or is the market about to come down to earth with a CRASH???

I’m excited to let you know that this Saturday (July 10th) Simon Buckingham and Brendan Kelly from Results Mentoring will be hosting a special “financial independence property workshop” – where they’ll be revealing their very latest research and forecasts for the market.

They accurately predicted the last 2 property booms, and over the past 12 months the market has performed exactly in line with their forecasts. So if you want to know where the property market is really headed next, you won’t want to miss their latest analysis!

Saturday’s free ONLINE event will cover:

  • The latest research and forecasts for the property market including a State-by-State outlook for 2021/2022.
  • Is it too late to get into the market and take advantage of rapid growth, or is there much more to come?
  • Some commentators claim that rising prices have created a “property bubble” that’s about to burst. Are they right… and should you be worried?
  • How you can spot emerging boom suburbs BEFORE other property investors, so that you can capitalise on maximum growth (plus how to recognise and avoid suburbs where values will crash).
  • Whether you should be worried about interest rates and market regulation.
  • Property tax reforms coming this year – and what these mean for the market.
  • Case studies demonstrating how intelligent property investors are creating 5- and 6-figure cash profits.
  • How to find property deals that deliver thousands in positive cashflow.
  • Creating your own financial independence plan.

This is an interactive workshop, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get your questions personally answered!

We’re running the online workshop live via the Internet from 10am-1pm AEST on Saturday (July 10th), and all registered participants will also receive access to a replay recording of the event.

Over 500 savvy property investors registered for our last on-line workshop, and all agreed that the event gave them powerful insights and was especially valuable in today’s rapidly changing property market. Discover what all the fuss is about for yourself by registering now.

Look forward to seeing you on-line this Saturday!


P.S. – A recording will also be available following the live event. Make sure you register even if you can’t attend at the scheduled time, so that you can access the recording.

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