Monday 18th October – Technologies that are Disrupting the Property Industry

Introducing Jackie Bayly – “BAYLY BOOM”

The BAYLY BOOM app provides a unique experience that gives both buyers and sellers transparency in the sales process. The Bayly BOOM app brings fairness to the practice of selling homes, which is lacking in other traditional real estate sale methods. It is a register of buyers and their offers on properties for sale. Buyers are able to submit offers with their personal conditions. All buyers, vendors and registered parties can see competing offers, live updates, highest offer etc. The agent can decide how the property is set up and they can choose the best option of sale like, an Auction, Fixed Date Sale, best offers by or Private Sale configuration.

Jackie’s passion is people and property and combining her strengths and talents to help her clients achieve outstanding results. Her mission is to achieve the highest possible outcome in the shortest time for your home through creative solutions, renovating for profit and making it happen.

Jackie has renovated and flipped properties in Adelaide and New Zealand, subdivided land, constructed over 200 homes for her clients as investments and has sold many homes with renovations for fabulous outcomes for her vendors.

INTRODUCING Gabriella Finelli – “PLAN LAB”

A first for South Australia, Plan Lab was established in late 2020 to provide a fully immersive design experience to help home builders and the housing and development sectors utilise technology to experience spaces before construction. In the short time since, Plan Lab has proven to be an effective disrupter in the property sector providing a new standard of customer experience.

The state-of-the-art design projection studio provides projections and elevations at 1:1 scale giving clients the ability to walk through floorplans at a life size scale. A suite of moveable furniture items creates an immersive experience where projected spaces can be furnished and enjoyed.  From finished designs to the need for real time design development and optimisation, there is nothing like Plan Lab in South Australia.

With 312 square metres of projection space, the team at Plan Lab bring a vision to life. Businesses in the property sector such as developers, architects, interior designers and boutique builders can use Plan Lab for as little as 1 hour, negating the need for expensive built-form demonstrations and the time loss associated with product delivery for demonstration and assessment.

Gabriella Finelli, Plan Lab Marketing Manager, will take you through this innovative space and showcase how incorporating Plan Lab as part of your marketing strategy will further enhance the experience you bring to your customers and aid sales conversion.


Virtual Agent” was founded in 2017 to build the next generation of real estate technology and “Lululiv” launched in 2020 and is the first of its kind offering property management services to Real Estate Principals on a subscription basis across the country.

Suzannah’s team is passionate about real estate and are always looking for new and better ways to add value to clients and the community. Drawing on the power of artificial intelligence and automation, Suzannah and her team are building the next generation of real estate technology and finding ways to deliver property management at scale.


Seeing a gap in the market Nathan has developed a simple way for builders sales agents to package up custom proposals for their clients and automate a lot of the manual tasks that currently slow down the process and cause a lot of confusion.

The Invest Build portal is designed to allow property investors to get real time pricing as they select a block, base floorplan, design options and specification for their builds. These prices are then quickly confirmed and fixed allowing contracts to be produced in days rather than months.

INTRODUCING Michael Viscariello – Social Media Marketing in Real Estate

Social media has been around for quite a few years now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Real estate agencies are creating a strong presence on digital platforms for marketing and advertising, to reach a larger audience, gain a better return on marketing spend and to tap into the millennial market trend.

As the Director of Eclipse Real Estate, Michael is always “ready, set, action” when thinking outside the box of traditional real estate sales, and by combining his highly motivated, always-moving nature, Michael brings a unique vision to selling property developments and residential homes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about technologies that are disrupting the property industry!

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