Thu 23rd May – Renovators Delight – Learn how to profit from THE Best!

There are two ways to make money “the hard way” and the “right way”.

This month we are going to show you how to locate suitable renovation deals which can give you half of your annual salary in profit…. from one deal. Does that sound like the right way to you?

Of course selecting the right property is only the first part of the process, you then need to know how to manage your deals effectively for maximum profit and take yourself from casual renovator to a well oiled renovating expert.

This month we are going to show you how to achieve all this by learning from talented people who have been there and done it themselves……

Deb Pearcey from Renovation Concepts
Deb is an avid property investor, and has successfully renovated dozens of properties for profit. Deb has qualifications in both interior and building design; and in project management. Those qualifications and her experience and extensive construction knowledge bring a unique perspective to the renovation projects her company undertakes.

Deb has 17 years’ experience in residential building, asset management, and premium commercial property and she has worked alongside some of the most influential property names in Western Australia.

Deb is going to show you how to tackle a renovation project ….”The right way” Learn how to plan the project, manage your time, the time of others and most importantly your renovation budget, to ensure you get maximum profit from your next deal.

Damian Collins from Momentum Wealth
Damian is the founder and managing director for momentum wealth, he owns a multi-million dollar property portfolio and now applies the knowledge he has accumulated over the years to assist people to accelerate their wealth creation thorough property.

Damian is going to show us how, though his personal experience he has carefully developed a system for selecting the best performing property and used a renovation strategy as a repeatable system to grow his property portfolio. Learn how to select the best properties, and negotiate the right price when buying the deal. Understand how you can leverage your time and money to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Added bonus…. We would also like to welcome Kent Cliff from Momentum Wealth who is going to run through some his fantastic real renovation deals that are out there and happening at the moment.

Location South Perth Library, Cnr South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth
Date 23/05/2012
Time Commences at 7:15pm

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