Wed 8th Aug – Identifying and Capitalising on Perth’s Next Hot Spots! Hear from the Experts.

Firstly, please note that the meeting date and time originally posted on our calendar needed to change to ensure we could secure some really great speakers for you! Also, the meeting on 8 August will be at 6 for a 6:15 start, not 6:30 for a 7 start as usual. There may also be changes to some of the dates for meetings later in the year as well, we will keep you updated.

To the meeting on the 8th of August…

How useful would it be if you knew where Perth’s next growth hot spots were going to be and how to capitalise on this knowledge?

If you would like the inside scoop on where you should be looking to do your next project, what you can build and how to assess the development potential of a site then you should be attending this meeting.

Our first speaker for the night is Eric Lumsden the Director General of the Department of Planning. Eric is responsible for the development and implementation of the Directions 2031 planning policy and he is coming to share his valuable knowledge on Perth’s growth requirements with us.

For those of you who don’t know, the “Directions 2031 and Beyond” framework addresses the urban growth needs of Perth, taking into account lifestyle choices, nodes for economic and social activity and a more sustainable urban transport network. As an investor, understanding how Perth will grow gives you an advantage in the market, as you will know what areas will require urban infill, and more about the target market each of these areas will be servicing. This session is a must see! This session will be similar to the very popular one we had recently on the Pilbara region which provided a lot of valuable, actionable insight.

As our second speaker we welcome back Craig Ginbey from Perth Residential Development, for his follow-up session on subdivisions (the first of which was greatly received). After Eric has told us about the next hot spots, Craig will teach us how to capitalise on these areas by understanding what development potential may exist for a site. Once again this will be “nuts and bolts” sessions where Craig will provide some clarity on the different subdivision types and why you would use one over another. Craig is a wealth of knowledge in this area, so this is a great opportunity to get some of your questions answered.

This is a must see night, so book it into your calendars now.

Location South Perth Library, Cnr South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth
Map Click here for map
Date 08/08/2012
Time 6:00pm registration for 6:15pm start, finishes around 8:30

4 comments for Wed 8th Aug – Identifying and Capitalising on Perth’s Next Hot Spots! Hear from the Experts.

  1. wisepearl on said:

    Will Craig Ginbey be returning for his second session?? I hope so, really enjoyed his first talk.

  2. wisepearl on said:

    p.s. Craig, was this date change emailed out? I don’t recall reading one and didn’t realise until I came on here today. Have emailed a few ppl I know were planning on coming on Tues.

  3. jeremyjacka on said:

    Craig Ginbey will be back to give some great information on the topic of subdivisions as promised. We also have a second speaker that you will want to see as well. Full details will be posted shortly.

  4. Craig Medley on said:

    A great night and fantastic turnout, the room was packed with plenty of networking going on. The two speakers provided a wealth of information for the attendees providing insights into planning in Perth and the nuts and bolts of your various subdivision with Craig Ginbeys follow presentation being very well received based on the level of interaction. Looking forward to next month.

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