Robyn Williams

Robyn and her husband Andrew started investing in property with their first home purchase back in 1982. Thanks to smart thinking, they paid that home off relatively quickly by making fortnightly payments (long before it was trendy!). They leveraged the equity in that home for many things including sending the kids to a private school (some might say it’s a good or bad investment?). They borrowed again against their home to buy more property over the years to come.

In the 30 years since buying that home, they have purchased around 13 investment properties.

Robyn has extensive property knowledge and experience – from renting by the room (now called multi-let), to buying and selling in regional areas without an agent, to purchasing property using options. She’s also purchased property in the USA, renovated, subdivided, and built interstate.

These days, Robyn is a full-time developer. She started developing property about 10 years ago and has built a strong network of investing partners. All her developments have been as joint ventures – in the last few years alone, she’s built 21 dwellings over several sites and sold multiple blocks of land. She currently has six residential development projects ongoing.

Robyn is excited by, and is passionate about property! She believes it has the ability to change lives. In taking up the role of Adelaide Property Meeting leader she looks forward to being able to share her excitement and experience with others in the property network.

Using property as a tool, Robyn is keen to encourage other investors to connect and contribute. Property meetings are a great medium to achieve both connection and contribution for all of those who attend!