Simon Honywood

Simon was born in the UK and grew up knocking around old buildings, then working as a heritage planner in London before moving to the Antipodes and, ultimately settling in Brisbane. He supplemented his planning experience with a stint as a landscape architect, having worked in consultancies and state and local governments in both capacities.
While Simon and Sheila previously had buy and hold properties, they got a real taste for property investing and development when they did a combined subdivision and removal home project in 2007. Since then, they have been involved in renovation projects and more subdivisions.
Simon chucked in his day job in 2016 to pursue property investing and development full time, boosted considerably by some excellent guidance from RESULTS and other coaches over the last few years.
Having worked on both sides of the fence, Simon is keen to ensure that others can benefit from the incredible body of knowledge that is out there and to ensure that others can also get the generous support that fellow property investors and professionals can offer those on their own property journeys.