About Tony Lambrianos

Tony Lambrianos is a property investor, educator and mentor. Tony started his property investing journey over 20 years ago.  However it was over a decade ago when he decided to take his property investing seriously and decided to learn everything about property investing with the objective to be a full time investor / entrepreneur and quit his corporate business consulting job forever.

Tony was able to leave his corporate job in 2011 after spending over the last decade transacting through dozens of properties on his family and with business partners. Tony is passionate about property investing and he has found that success requires strong focus, commitment and persistence. Tony has come to appreciate that talking to and meeting like-minded investors drives one to keep going, and reinforces that you’re not the only one trying to achieve your goals.

Today, Tony continues to invest in residential rentals, renovations, property developments and commercial properties as well as businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Tony is an experienced property mentor having mentors hundreds of property investors as one of the mentors and directors of Results Mentoring, home of Australia’s Premier Property Mentoring Program.  Tony’s investing interests expands to other investing / business interests that generate cash flow that allows Tony to expand his property portfolio.

Tony’s passion is in helping others achieve their financial goals and live an amazing life full of options not restricted by financial constraints.