About the WA Property Meeting Organisers

The day to day management of the WA group is organised by two local investors; Adam Barry and Ben Vance. Both of the organisers are active property investors, and come from professional backgrounds. As local Investors they are very excited by the opportunity that exists for Perth investors to share their experiences and build relationships which will hone their property investing outcomes.


Adam Barry

Adam has been an active property investor since 2008 when he bought his first home, renovated it and sold it 18 months later for a substantial profit.  Since then he has undertaken several projects including: renovations, subdivisions, developments, and joint ventures with other investors.  He highly values the relationships he has formed with other investors through networking and has a strong passion for creating on-going networking opportunities through Property Meeting.


Ben Vance

Ben Vance grew up in Perth and has lived both north and south of the river, but spent most of his life on the river in some form of vessel.  He studied building design and town planning and entered into the industry in 1997 and has been an investor for most of that time.
Ben is a professional investor with a passion for education, creativity, strategic thinking and networking that has has lead to productive and profitable relationships with many property industry professionals and successful investors.


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  1. Alan Gillanders on said:

    When is the november meeting?

  2. Gavin T. on said:

    Please send me an email for your next meeting. Thanks.

  3. Taurai K. on said:

    Hi All,
    May you please advise the venues of the October and November 2016 meetings as well as the times?

  4. Jeremy S. on said:

    Where is the nest meeting held ? Still at Apple Cross ?

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