About Mark Kelman

Mark Kelman v2Mark Kelman, is Director of Achieve Property Pty Ltd and author of the newly-released book, “Become A Property Millionaire In Your Spare Time – How to Get Started As a Successful Property Investor”.

Mark has been actively involved in property investing since 2004, buying and selling/holding millions of dollars of real estate. His experience in property investing includes renovations, positive cashflow buy-and-hold, strata subdivision projects, small developments, rent-to-own / lease option deals and other creative finance projects. Mark is also a qualified veterinary surgeon with an interest in pharmaceuticals, veterinary science/welfare and commerce. He is also involved in philanthropy.

To become a successful property investor, Mark stresses the need for learning the skills of negotiation, sales and marketing, financial management, project management, networking, problem solving and a success mindset. On top of this, knowledge also needs to be acquired in the areas of legal, financing, business, building/construction, accounting, economics, insurance, property management, and valuation. Education, training, and practical experience are paramount in order to develop these skills and knowledge.

Mark is passionate about helping others get started in property investing, and has been running the Sydney Property Meeting group since mid-2012. His company, Achieve Property, is dedicated to providing resources and information to help property investors get started or to move forward in their investing.

More information on Mark, his work, and his book, can be found at www.achieveproperty.com

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  1. Anita Fursland on said:

    Hi Mark,
    Am I already registered for Cashflow on Monday!
    Would love to talk to you but there are no phone numbers.
    Am I on the wrong page, is there a members site?
    Please call me on 0405 xxx xxx.
    Warm Regards
    Anita Fursland